Passion vs. Piety, in Verdi's 'Stiffelio'


THE HIT SINGLE: "Ah! Era Vero"

The dramatic, Act Two confrontation when Stankar reveals Lina's infidelity, and Stiffelio confronts Raffaele, features one of Verdi's finest ensembles. An astonished Stiffelio gets it started by asking, "Is it true?" In the La Fenice production, the quartet features soprano Julianna Di Giacomo (as Lina), tenor Stefano Secco (Stiffelio), baritone Dimitri Platanias (Stankar) and tenor Francesco Marsiglia (Raffaele).


THE B SIDE: "Lina, pensai che un angelo"

Like many of Verdi's finest operas, Stiffelio features a complex relationship between a father and his daughter. As Act Three opens, Lina's father Stankar (baritone Dimitri Platanias) ponders her infidelity, and the shame it brings to his family. He begins by saying, "Lina, I thought heaven had given me an angel."